We’re Hiring!

If you’re friendly, helpful, have a good sense of humour and style, you’re perfect for the job! Come join us as a contributor for either the Stories, Drawings or Shows Worth Watching column. If we feel you’ve done a good job, you will receive incentives from us. Apply for the job using the following format.


Column you’re applying for:

An example of your article:

Why you would make a good contributor:

Why you wouldn’t make a good contributor:

The last question may not make sense to you. The reason behind it is because we want you  to acknowledge your flaws, and also because we have to take your weaknesses into consideration. Send your application to thegazette@articmail.com and wait for our reply. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “We’re Hiring!

    1. Oh, that’s cute. Here, let me show you how your comment was supposed to look like:

      Oh, that’s nice. Here, let me show you my bad grammar, as you said. Maybe I’m a better writer than you.

      As you can tell, I have added commas in certain places, removed a redundant ‘and’ and uncapitalised your ‘Better’. Also, I mentioned that you have bad grammar, spelling and punctuation. Thanks for stopping by!

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